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About me... - in English


·         How did you discover origami?

The first models I have learnt from my parents it was a sailboat, purse and a hat. When I was 22 years old a little girl  showed me a tulip and that was the form really got me into this. These times in Hungary there was an origami book but I didn't know that it exsist. I went to a summer camp in Germany with my students and I found some origami books there of course I had to copy them with my hands and actually I still have them. It was a lifechanging experience when a few years ago I met Akira Yoshizawa for who I could show my own edited origami book.  I have already 6 books: 3 books in connection with  paper  and 3 origami books.


·         Why are you passionate about origami?


Hard to answer that question I would say because it is a way to express yourself and I can use during teaching and in my daily life as well. That is why I love making decoration like boxes, postcards and really just anything that can be a part of your home and life.


·         You seem to be interested in creating models that are simple and elegant, why are you attracted to them?


As I mentioned I can use it in my daily life for teaching and for teraphy. (I am a teacher for children with special needs and speach therapist) And I would love to teach it for lots of people and if the model is an easier one so most of the people can learn it so they can have a great experience about origami by actually creating something.


·         Do you have any tips/inspiration to share regarding designing origami models?


It hard to explain it with words but when I'm creating something it seems my hands are moving by themselves. I'm just doing it and at the end it tuen out to be something new and attractive.


·         What origami artist do you admire? Why?

I really like the models of Tomoko Fuse because you can be use them during your daily life. All models of her are kind of clear  but amazing at the same time. Believe it or not I found on Facebook Falk Brito, Leyla Torres, Francesco Garnieri, Isa Klein, Rhea Jose Mateo, Ako Kawasaki, Vania  Passos...  I like very much the models of Mélisande  and Dave Brill too...


·         You are a especial education teacher, what other interests/activities/ocupations do you have

or  what do you like to do when you are not folding paper?


I love being in the nature and hiking I also love animals there are two dogs I always go for a walk with. I also love logic games for example Sodoku and I like learning languages as well.


·         If you would like to share any relevant or fun things about you and origami that I didn't ask, please do so.


The most difficult thing for me it is when I fold something new I can't check on it if it is really my own creation and invention or someone has already fold that. It would be great to have a web page where you can put your models so you can find out if the model has already exsist or not.


  • If there is a web page that you would like people to be able to connect with you, please send me the link.

   My honpage:


And  you can find here some of my models:


I have already 6 books: 3 books in connection with paper and 3 origami books. I have a lot of new idée, but I need a   publisher...  My models was published several times in Hungarian Origami Magazin, in ORISON (Holland)...  One of my Star was published in MINIGAMI (Gay Merrill Gross's book) and my mouse - several times in the "Page a Day Calendar"  (USA-Margaret Van Sicklen). Some of my models was exhibished in Tokyo -World Origami Exhibition. 2006: I've been to New York - Origami Convention, NOA  440  (2012) shows my HEARTS FOR JAPAN –they was folded after Fukushima…  This photos was before published in a photo-book in Japan…



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